Cruise Ships To Cuba

Cruise Ships To Cuba
Cuba Cruise Ship Port Schedules

Havana, Cuba - Santiago de Cuba, Cuba - Maria La Gorda Cuba

Cuba Cruise Ship Schedules
Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker
Cruise Ships To Cuba
Havana, Cuba Cruise Ships
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Cruise Ships to Cuba

Cuba Cruise Ships

Cruise ships currently sailing to Cuba include P & O Cruises Adonia, MSC Cruises' MSC Opera and Celestyal Cruises Celestyal, Pearl Seas, Haimark Saint Laurent and United Caribbean Lines all beginning in late 2015.

At least one cruise line, Celestyal Cruises is offering  all-inclusive cruises, with beverage packages included along with  excrusions while in port at Cuba.  The free excurstion in Cuba will be ensuring the compliance with the U.S. State Department Cuba Travel 12 Licenses provision.

Carnival Corp's new social impact-focused "fathom" brand  Cruises to Cuba as well as other cruise lines now focusing on the Cuba market will all be including cultural, educational or volunteer activities which qualify American travelers under the new U.S. State Department Cuba Travel 12 Licenses provision.

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Browse our website for a photo tour of the most popular cruise ship ports including, Havana, Cuba, Cienfuegos, Cuba and Maria La Gorda, Cuba Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Varadero, Cuba, Trinidad, Cuba, Coco Cayo, Cuba, Matanzas, Cuba,  Baracoa, Cuba, Naviera, Cuba, Guardalavaca, Cuba.

American Travel To Cuba - The 12 Licenses
General licenses will be made available for all authorized travelers in 12 existing categories:
1. Family visits
2. Official U.S. government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations
3. Journalistic activity
4. Professional research and professional meetings
5. Educational activities
6. Religious activities
7. Public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions
8. Support for the Cuban people
9. Humanitarian projects
10. Activities of private foundations, research, or educational institutions
11. Exportation, importation, or transmission of information or information materials
12. Certain export transactions that may be considered for authorization under existing regulations and guidelines. The entire White House document on American Cuba Travel from December 2014 is here

Cuba Cruise People to People Program
Under #5 above: register for the People to People Cuba Cruise program with U.S. non-profit organization Fund for Reconciliation and Development (FRD) Fund for Reconciliation and Development, 37 Mallard Rise, Irvington, NY  10533. It requires making a tax deductible affiliation contribution of $75 to the Fund for Reconciliation and Development. ( You must apply for and get your registration letter no less than one week before your trip. Plan ahead.

American Cruise Ship Passengers Importing Goods From Canada
Licensed U.S. travelers to Cuba will be authorized to import $400 worth of goods from Cuba, of which no more than $100 can consist of tobacco products and alcohol combined.

Cuba Cruise Ship Schedules and Cruise Ship Tracker
Cruise Ships To Cuba is expanding our information to include our Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker and cruises ships sailing to Cuba calendars- schedules. We have including sailings beginning December 2015 aboard Celestyal Crystal. See our links at top left to the cruise ships schedules and Cuba cruise ship tracker. The beautiful Caribbean Sea is awaiting in Cuba. Cruise travel to a great way to explore and  learn more about Cuban history, education, lifestyles.